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Software As a Service Advanced Stock Module

Software As a Service Advanced Stock Module

Enhanced Capabilities (Monthly Charge Model)

Builds on basic stock functionality by adding multi-site support, single interface views per outlet, automated purchase order despatch to suppliers, full or partial stock takes and cost-of-sale analysis linked to ingredients.

Stock Control

Book in orders easily, identify delivery errors and easily carry out complete or partial stock counts to reduce “outs”. Micro-manage stock at product or ingredient level.

Purchase Order Integration

Improve restocking speed and add simplicity by sending POs to suppliers directly from the app.

Stock Audit Reports

Our detailed stock audit reports allow more effective monitoring of the transfer of stock and deliveries across your business, including tracking of authorised signatures.

Stock Variance Reports

These are produced after each partial or full stock count, enabling you to compare what the physical count shows compared to the system’s record, highlighting any irregularities. Each variance report includes the operator’s name, has sections for notes, and is date-and-time stamped.

Accurate Data for Business Monitoring

Improved knowledge of how your inventory is moving in and out of your organisation ensuring that procurement is aligned with demand so that you can fulfil every order your customers wish to place.

  • You require the following to work with this Module

    Core Till License 

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